Sunday, November 25, 2012

How To Get To Three Years

Dondi and I celebrated our three years and three months monthsary yesterday and I still can't get over the fact that we've been together that long. We've stopped celebrating these monthsaries only because it seems a bit silly to still celebrate every month when you've had it 39 times. However, for this month, we had our usual weekend date but only it coincidentally fell on the 24th so we just celebrated it anyway! haha I looooove doing these How To blog posts and because my outfit post was worn on our 39th "monthsary", I'll dedicate a how to post on relationships :)
 Before, I start let me clarify and say that all these how to posts are based on my personal experiences and there is no guarantee that it'll get your new relationship into three years. And with that said, let me get to my first how to. 
 1. All relationships are different. So don't base your relationship on others and don't compare as well. Your boyfriend is different from your friend's boyfriend so it doesn't mean that if he wrote an "I love you ____" in the sky for her doesn't mean your boyfriend will find it appropriate and sweet as well. Don't start comparing your dates, quirks, inside jokes and all the things in your relationship with your friends because everyone has their own thing going on. 
2. Connected to number 1: Appreciate and be thankful for your boyfriend and everything he does for you but don't settle either. You know yourself anyway when you're just settling.
3. Connected to number 3: Remember that he/she is not perfect and so are you. So don't expect too much. 
4. Get comfortable but don't get too comfortable. Still leave room for surprises, don't reveal too soon or sometimes there are just things you don't reveal period like hmm... I like poking my pimples in front of the mirror before I sleep. Don't! haha It's nice to get comfortable but if you reveal everything today, what will you be doing or be talking about tomorrow? 
5. Don't stop going on dates and don't stop surprising each other. D and I honestly came to this point and I'm so thankful we're over that phase of ours. Don't you agree that it's the best and fun part of relationships? :)
6.  Don't go to bed angry. Talk everything out before you go to sleep because we tend to let go of things when we sleep and then that thing you let go will suddenly pop up on your next fight. So just solve everything before you sleep.
7. Do unto him/her as you have him/her do unto you. Before you do something in general, don't even ask yourself "Will he get mad?" because that will seem like a chore and will go with the whole why do I always have to think of him blah blah blah blah so instead ask yourself this: "If he does this to me, will I get upset?" and don't reason yourself out. If you know you will feel bad any way when he does this to you then just don't do it :) It'll save you from a fight or a break up.
[Top: Forever 21 c/o THE MALL OF ASIA, Shoes: TRUNKSHOW, Skirt: FROUFROU, Neckalce: STYLISTA.PH, Earrings: PINKBOX, Bag: Louis Vuitton] 
So there are 7 How Tos on how to get your relationship to three years! haha Hopefully I'll get to help your relationships sky rocket to three years and more! :) 
xx, Vern

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