Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Problem: Leg Hair, Chicken Skin and Ingrown Hair Solution: Belo Cool Glide Hair Removal

Are you tired of shaving? Waxing? I know I am! It's one of the things I dread as a girl and I find it such a chore to maintain being hairless on my legs, underarm and the bikini area. The thing I'm most concerned with though would be my legs because it takes so much time and effort to remove every hair strand on my leg. Not only that! The after math of shaving and waxing's what I dread the most. Chicken skin and ingrown hair's inevitable when you do these procedures regularly so honestly, other than my uneven skin, this would be my biggest beauty problem. I think it's any girl's beauty problem! Don't you agree?

Good thing though Belo has the answer to this beauty problem of mine through the Cool Glide Hair Removal treatment :)
IMG_1029 copy
IMG_0991 copy copyIMG_0979 copy copy
See the rough areas? I hate them!
IMG_1023 copy
Before the procedure, they make you put on these googles to protect yourself from the laser light. Another one to protect you from the pain would be their anesthesia cream but since I have high tolerance when it comes to pain, I preferred not to use them anymore. You ofcourse, can if you want to.

How the machine looks like:
IMG_0995 copyIMG_0996 copy copy
IMG_1026 copy copy
To make it easier to "glide" the machine, they use this coupling gel. It's cold too so it's my anesthesia. The coolness of the gel conceals the pain for me.

I don't have pictures during the procedure because well my eyes were closed but here are questions I could answer for you:

1. Did it hurt? Not really. Honestly, I felt like I was just getting a massage. I don't know if its a Belo requirement before they hire doctors but I swear, they always always have the lightest hands! They said that this kind of laser is the most painful kind but it wasn't for me. It did tingle a bit though on areas with lots of hair. 
2. How long was the procedure? About 30 minutes for my half leg. About 45-50 minutes if full leg. 
3. How many sessions do I have to do before all the hair would come off? It would depend on how hairy you are but for me (I can say I'm average when it comes to hairyness), I would only take 4-5 sessions. 
4. How long till hair will grow out again? 4-5 weeks but it's thinner and lesser. 
4. How much is it? 13,440 pesos. 

You can book through the Belo Medical Group Website or call 02-819-BELO. If you have any other questions about my experience, please do just comment below :) 
xx, Vern

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