Friday, November 23, 2012


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[Dress: THE CHIC CLOSET, Bag: Louis Vuitton, Necklaces and Belt: SM ACCESSORIES, Sunglasses: Asos, Watch: Marc Jacobs] 

We're still tackling poems in my literature class and we were tasked to look for a poem about infatuation for a group project. I came across A Date by Kevin Mcfadden and it's such a cute poem that it actually does capture how most first dates go. I think that the honeymoon phase is the cutest and probably the most amusing part of a relationship :) Don't you agree?? Here's the poem: 
The first seated takes the chance he’ll be stood up. 
She’s getting on with the hope she may get off. 
One and one make one in this riddle.
Or, more closely, comedy routine:
first, impressions; second, observations.
Impolite to have thirds. 
Bachelors and bachelorettes beware: more than tonight they can mess up your order.
Who would go for the lobster expects the claws.
No pets allowed, keep your shirt on, places this strict—
like loony bins—require a jacket, sir. 
Mark sudden pauses, gaps in the flap, commas where a sutra might be...
and what shall we make of it, love, perhaps?
What elevator is this anyway, that even the prospect
of going down has made you high?
What’re you on?

Cute right?? :) Anyway, I'll be going to UST in a bit to give a talk on Corporate Dressing! I'll be at Sycip-Velayo Multipurpose Hal and the talk will start at 2 pm! :) I hope to see you? :) 
xx, Vern 
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