Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Sienna!

My half south African- half Filipino- who-resides-in-Australia cousin went back here in the Philippines for a days to celebrate her very first birthday :) And because there's no Jollibee from where they are and I guess since it's a very Filipino way to celebrate, that's where she did! She'll be having a series of birthday parties (jealousy!!) and there's her first :) 
I miss blogging about personal posts like these so here's my first come back! :) 
IMG_8222 copy
World, meet my cousin, Sienna! Isn't she adorable?? No trace of Filipino blood, I know!! That's why she needs to be injected some thru Jollibee!! hahaha! 
IMG_8200 copyIMG_8201 copyIMG_8230 copyIMG_8316 copy
Kids are so competitive nowadays! haha
IMG_8385 copy
There was a bring game that required the kids to bring their macho and gwapo dads and they had to dance to prove that they were! haha! So cute! 
IMG_8206 copyIMG_8256 copy
IMG_8207 copyIMG_8407 copy
Happy happy birthday, dear Sienna! :) We love you!! 
xx, Vern

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