Monday, November 5, 2012

6 Steps To Comfortable Dressing

One of the hardest things about putting outfits together is trying to achieve one that is comfortable but does not look sloppy. We all have those lazy days and we all ask ourselves how some people can achieve it. One thing's for sure: it did not take them 5 minutes to dress themselves up. Sometimes it can even take longer than dressing yourself on normal days. So for those who have a hard time, I want to share with you 6 tips, that I hope can help all of you! :) 
I used this outfit as an example because I wore this to attend my cousin's birthday party and with kiddie birthday parties, you have to wear the most comfortable outfit to have fun :) 
IMG_8527 copy
1. Wear a bottom you feel most comfortable in. Whether it be pants (my personal preference), denim shorts, the list is endless. This tip actually really depends on you. I would personally suggest shorts/pants so you can sit/walk/cartwheel/dance and do anything else you would want to do without flashing anyone. 
IMG_8508 copy
2. Pair that piece of clothing with an equally comfortable PRINTED top. That printed top is statement by itself so you you don't need to try so hard. IMG_8509 copy
3. Whether or not you're going somewhere cold, you will always need a cover up. May it be a blazer, a cardigan, anything. Just choose something that's not too tight and not too heavy. Choose something that's easy to fold as well so you can just put it inside your bag when not used. IMPORTANT TIP: Make sure it fits you right. I'm sure the top or bottom you chose is a bit loose so this cover up keeps it all together. 
IMG_8515 copy
4. The less accessories, the better. Choose something that's not too heavy and not too dangling. I usually just wear a watch and a necklace then I'm good to go. 
IMG_8519 copy
5. Footwear: Choose your most comfortable pair. May it be flats, wedges, anything. Just don't forget to wear a color that would match the rest of your outfit.
6. I would always recommend to do a print on print or color blocking. These trends never fail and you will never look sloppy!

[Blazer: Mango, Top: WARDROBE CHECK, Shoes: Aldo, Pants: Greenhilss, Necklace: GOLD COUTURE, Bracelet: Tory Burch, Watch: OXYGEN PARIS
I hope my tips got to help you! :) 
xx, Vern

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