Monday, November 19, 2012

Lego Land

Last Saturday, my family and I spent the whole day at Gelo's 7th birthday party that was held at Blue Leaf, The Fort. The party's theme was patterned from his favorite toy, Lego hence the the whole place was inspired by Lego Land in the US. I honestly have no one to describe the party and you'll know why once you start scrolling donw. The party started at around 3pm then ended allllll the way till 9 pm. There program went on from 6 hours straight and just like Lego Land, the place was filled with endless games, food, drinks, prizes, mascots and ofcourse, Lego :) I can't wait for you to see what went on! 
IMG_0242 copyIMG_0246 copy
I knew there was going to be a Giraffe made of Lego... but I didn't know it was gonna be this big. I almost fainted and I swear to God, I was seriously forcing my tito to let me bring it home. HAHAHA! 
IMG_0244 copy
All of Gelo's favorite cartoon characters and superheroes attended the party as well! :) Hello Spongebob! 
IMG_0299 copyIMG_0243 copy
Still dying. I swear, a giraffe is this tall in real life and it's always been a dream of mine to ride one. I was THIIIIIS close to riding this. 
IMG_0251 copy
This is probably one of the 20 food stalls inside the party! I swear my family and I were dying of food coma! 
IMG_0389 copy
An ATM machine where you would withdraw money for attendees to use to "buy" food, drinks and prizes inside :) 
IMG_0261 copy
Some Hershey's chocolate for starters! 
IMG_0253 copy
The stage! Yup, I know, cool! :P haha 
IMG_0262 copyIMG_0263 copyIMG_0259 copy
This Ferris Wheel showcased the Lego collection of the birthday boy! 
IMG_0289 copyIMG_0265 copyIMG_0298 copyIMG_0287 copy
Balloon man! 
IMG_0280 copyIMG_0283 copy
his cakes
IMG_0273 copyIMG_0278 copy
Gelo's toy store where you can purchase goods you want to buy!
IMG_0276 copy
You can purchase a bag of candy for 1 Gelo dollar as well! 
IMG_0296 copyIMG_0395 copy
Availed of the face painting too! 
IMG_0417 copy
IMG_0401 copy
IMG_0423 copy
the kids (including my sister and I) were all in awe when these super heroes came out! 
IMG_0438 copy
Fireworks to end the party with a bang :) 
IMG_0441 copy
Happy birthday Gelo! I will forever remember your party! haha 
I don't usually post birthday parties I attend but this one I just HAD to!! And who can blame me? :) I want to go to the real Lego Land now that I spent a day at Gelo land and had that much fun :) I'm sure you have the same sentiments after my post ;) 
xx, Vern

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