Thursday, November 4, 2010

Studying x Vern = ?

That ? right there is very appropriate because those two just don't mix. AT ALL. The past week plus tomorrow, that will extend till next week has been midterms for me so I've been quite busy with school - Even if it doesn't seem like it! haha I haven't been much of a fan of school lately because I feel like I'm in the wrong course but since I'm halfway there, there's no way out anymore. I wanna take up so many things!! Like the advanced make up classes, a business course (even if I'm not very good at math), culinary, literature, fashion design, photography, Spanish this time, maybe tomorrow Italian.... ahhh so much!! I guess it's "free-spirited" side of me talking right now. or maybe I'm just bored haha But I'm hoping it's just a phase because I gotta shape up for school! My grades might suffer if I'm too distracted :-( Anyway, this is a very random post since it's not really about the things I usually blog about but here's what I've been doing since 11 pm: 
These two have been my bestfriends for the past 3 terms. I've had French 1, 2 and 3 and I think I still suck at it :-( Boo!

As you can see, I'm a very frustrated photographer.... HAHA I guess it'll just stay as a frustration! hahaha

Even got a boo-boo from cutting papers! :-( - Thats betadine guys, not blood! hahaha 

Me at 1 am... no make up, unbrushed hair and no pretty clothes just a sad face because I still have to study even if its already 1.42 am :( 

Btw, I had to delete my favorite things post because I had to do some changes in the layout! Will post it again before Sunday! :) 
Bonne nuit, mi cher lectuer! Souhaiter moi bonne chance, demain! :) 
etreinte, Vern

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