Sunday, November 21, 2010


I am very keen when it comes to foundations because this the make up base and as well know, you should have a good one for everything else to look good. I will be judging each product on the THE LOOK IT GIVES, HOW LONG IT WILL STAY, COVERAGEthe FEEL of the product over time, How it is on photographs and it's advantage(s) over the other product. Everything is based on my opinion only so don't hate! and I am not sponsored by any make up brand so everything is said with all honestly. 

First Product: Mac Studio Fix Fluid

The look it gives: I love the look Mac Studio gives because it gives this fresh natural thin look. You know those foundation that makes it obvious that you have about 5 layers of make up on your face? Well this product doesn't give that effect for me. However, it depends of course on how many layers of make up you put and if you've put it evenly. 

How long it stays: 8-12 hours. Depending on how much you perspire or oil your face produces. 

Coverage: Personally, I don't need to use concealer on the other parts of my face except the dark part under my eye because it conceals that good. However, I've applied this on a person with pimples and the like on their face and you might need to put another layer. 

The feel of the product over time: Doesn't feel heavy AT ALL. It still feels like you're not wearing make up. 

How it is in photographs: two words- LOVE IT. 

  • The one layer of this product on skin that is not on pimpley face is enough compared to Revlon's. 
  • Its container doesn't break even if you drop it. 
  • It stays longer on the face. 

Second product: Revlon's Photoready

The look it gives: the look it gives is almost the same with Mac. However, what I don't like I about Revlon is the choice of shades. I'm in the middle of their whitest and the one after that and it would be too pricey to buy and so I could mix it.

How long it stays: 8 hours. After I perspired so much, it started to wear away.

Coverage: Personally, when I used Revlon's, I needed two layers on my skin. 

The feel of the product over time: It feels light and it doesn't easily clump up when you perspire.

How it is in photographs: Used it on a shoot few weeks ago and the close up shots are amazing! It gives that "makinis" look. 


  • It will save you a lot because of its container unlike the Mac's where it doesn't have that tube thing, it will definitely just give you what you need. 
  • about 100 peso difference from Mac's. 

As for the final choice, I will forever adore MAC's studio fix because of the reasons I stated above :-) Sorry if I didnt put this at first.. wasn't done with the post yet:P haha

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