Saturday, November 6, 2010

We've Got It All For You!

I'm actually proud to say that I love SM. I love how they really have it all for you at really really affordable prices! This place is heaven for me right now since I'm on a shopping ban since I max out my card last month and my mom got extra pissed. I love how EVERYTHING is so cheap!! and yet so pretty :-) Went there today to buy a new foundation for the 2 make up gigs I have for tomorrow. So right when I got to the store, I immediately remembered the pretty Parisian shoes I saw during PFW so I wanted to check them out and lo and behold, everything was so pretty! I honestly couldn't choose! I came down to 3 choices.  Too bad I didn't get to take a picture of the 3! One were white booties, another was a replica of the grey booties Zoo sells and these brown heels that gave off a Jeffrey Campbell vibe :) and guess what I chose! 

They're nice right?? But I'm dying to get originals though!! Its already on my Christmas wish list so I guess I'm getting it December! :-) 

Anyway, I wanted to do someone's make up first before going to the two shoots tomorrow. One's for TND btw! FINALLLLYYY a second shoot! and personally, I think it's gonna be a great collaboration :-) So watch out for that! Will definitely blog about it when it's out :-) Thank God for great friends like Mills that she came over even if I texted her very last minute already! :-) Here's what I did in pictures:

Sorry for the really sucky pictures! haha I'm not good at it :-( here are other pictures from today:

Thank you again, Mills!!!!!!! :) I owe you so much :) So I just noticed that I've posting alot lately and its because I'll be going on a blog hiatus for the next two weeks starting Sunday since I have to concentrate on school! Will you miss me? :-( haha till tomorrow guys! Wish me luck :-)

Outfit post: 

[Top: H&M Trousers: H&M Belt: SM Shoes: Janilyn]
*sorry for the no make up picture again! I've been so lazy :( haha

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