Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Shoe Tale Collaborates: Day 4 and a couple of other things

They always say that time flies fast when youre having fun and this collaboration is a good example for that quote! It's already day 4, the last day of the collaboration with Efril of Love & A Bad Hair Day and today the outfit piece is a BLAZER. Like I said in my last post, this is a trend I find ordinary but its amazing how Efril and I came up with something different! Our outfits today had a very different feel to it! Mine was more of edgy and here's was more of girly :-) Here are the pictures to prove it! 

[Blazer and Leggings: Hong Kong
Accesories: The Ramp (necklaces) ANAGON (ring)
Tank Top: Topshop
Shoes: Substance 
Bag: Zara]

Right! The contrast was really nice! :-) Anyway, I'm really excited for the first week of December to come because by then we'll be having the second chapter of this collaboration! Don't worry, it'll be something different! Efril and I are planning it as we speak! :-) Watch out for it!!

On to other things, I did a make up stint for my friend Sasa earlier and the model I did make up looked like Marian Rivera. Like the scary kind because the more I stare at her face because of the application of make up, the more I see it! Haha Such a lucky girl! I will show you pictures soon then at night, I went to this biotechnology awards night. Its not really a blogger thing but my dad just brought my along. I will be blogging about that! I learned things I don't learn everyday :-) This loooooong weekend (yay!) will be another busy one for me (but I'm not complaining! I really love the weekends, I swear! :-) 

Another thing, HAPPY HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYBODY! Though my family doesnt really celebrate Thanksgiving, I still have so much to thank for!! I have so much to lose in a really good way and I am so happy about that! :-) Count your blessings everybody!!!! :-) How was your thanksgiving? Did you celebrate it? :-) Lucky you if you do! 

LAST THING, I promise!! :D haha Please do check out 
TND's site! It is underconstruction right now but dont fret! We'll be unveiling a new layout for all of you! ITS SO PRETTY! haha :-) Here's the link: 

Till the next post! It's exactly 11:11 and I'll be rushing a paper :( I can't believe Im busy even on a Thursday night!! :-( Englres boo you! Have a great thursday night and again HAPPY HAPPY THANKSGIVING! xx, Vern 

argh :(

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