Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Collaboration

Yesterday, The New Department had a collaboration with three other online shops namely, The Second Shop, Freestyle Necklaces and 11th of October and the awesome photographer, Patty Mendoza! It was so much fun and the concepts were just so amazing!!! :-) I really can't wait to show you guys! I'm so proud of this shoot and just the team itself :-)
I will update you guys as soon as it's out! Here are the pictures I took for the behind the scenes :-)

The house of Mandi's lola is where we had the shoot and the house is GORGEOUS!!!!! Let me show you: 


All the shoes and clothes: 

The models! missing Jessica :-) 

With the owners of 11th of October :-) 

I will link it you guys soon! Right when it's out! :-) 
Hope you had a great Saturday like I did! :-) 

xx, Vern

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