Sunday, September 30, 2012

Vern&Verniece: October Features

Here are two of my sister and I's major features for the month of October! :) The Candy magazine feature's about our room and the Megaworld Lifestyle Magazine feature showcases outfits that you can put together from different Megaworld malls :) 
Picture 3
Picture 4
I really do hope you get a copy of these two magazines! :) 
xx, Vern

Cars and Leopard

It was my cousin Nicko's 2nd birthday a few days ago, and to celebrate, my tito and tita threw him a Cars themed birthday party! :) The movie's one of Nicko's favorite movies plus I always see him playing with a little toy car or two whenever we're out to keep himself busy so I'm not surprised when I found out about theme!
DSC_0017 copy
It wasn't a costume party so I didn't need to be in a cars themed outfit but I made sure to be in a colorful one :) I bought this pair of leggings a few weeks ago and was so excited to wear it out!
my favorite stall from the whole party? cotton candy!
IMG_4446DSC_0021 copy
our gwapo cutiepie, Nicko!
IMG_4358 copy
I had to remove the bangles everytime I would carry my cousin but he sure did love playing with the spikes! :P haha
hiIMG_4366 copy
Ofcourse, I wouldn't survive a children's birthday party in heels so I changed into these flats :)
[Top: IMF, Leggings: Forever 21, Shoes: ZOO SHOP, Necklace: EVER NEW, Bangles: THE HOOK, Watch: Marc Jacobs, Flats: Kate Spade ]
Happy happy birthday little baby Nicko!! :) 
xx, Vern

SAVE: Aldo Cap-Toe Pumps vs. SPLURGE: YSL Tribtoo Cap Toe Pumps

 I've been wanting a pair of YSL Tribtoo Cap- Toe Pumps for the longest time and since most of my savings will go to my trip to Singapore with friends this December, me buying the pair would have to be put on hold.
Picture 1
SPLURGE: 32, 595 pesos according to the YSL website

BUT thank God we have brands like Aldo who carries pairs like this: 
SAVE: 5,395 pesos 

Not bad right?? It may not be YSL (and the famous YSL heel) but this pair will do until I do get the chance to buy myself the original :)

Christmas is near though? :D hahaha
xx, Vern

P.S. I'll do more posts like these! :)

Saturday, September 29, 2012


IMG_4030 copyIMG_4051 copyIMG_4068 copyIMG_4076

Here's a quick outfit post I would like to share with you. I wore this to school the other day without the heels! I just slipped them on after when I attended a quick meeting :) Don't you love the shoes?? It's a conversation starter piece! I honestly never thought I would be wearing something like this but white pumps would always be an exemption.

I would like to say sorry on behalf of my camera. It's starting to go bizerk on me and don't worry, I shall give it a lecture tomorrow haha! I hate how it makes the shots look like they're taken using my iphone :( Anyway, I hope you don't find this outfit too plain :)
xx, Vern

Friday, September 28, 2012

Two In One

I was set to attend class, two meetings and an event the day I wore this so I knew that I had to wear something that would make it easy for me to move from one place to the other. Another factor that made me want to wear pants/leggings and something black was that it was the time of the month for me and I'm sure you girls would understand me and I don't need to explain any further :P haha!

Don't you love when two separate items from two different stores seem like they are meant for each other? It's what I felt with these two items :)
IMG_4000 copy copyIMG_3993 copyIMG_3994 copyIMG_3996 copyIMG_4007 copyIMG_4012 copy
[Blazer and Necklace: FROUFROU, Top and Leggings: COTTON ON PHILIPPINES, Shoes: COMFIT, Nails: NAIL IT]

What're you up to today? :) I'll be in Rockwell the whole afternoon plus I'll be wine tasting with friends later! Sounds fun right? :) I'll make sure to share photos :)
xx, Vern

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Deep Sea Baby

I wore this outfit weeks ago to a meeting back when the weather of Manila permitted everyone to don jackets as thick as this. My sister and I own a couple of trench coats, blazers and leather jackets in different colors and prints and there are only so little events and places to wear them to. I think one of the reasons why I love going out of the country so much is because of the fact that I can dress layers!  
IMG_3833 copy-1 01-04-42IMG_3836 copy-1IMG_3842-1IMG_3838 copy-1

I'm off to school to review for quiz at 2.40 this afternoon! :) Wish me luck? :)
xx, Vern 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oriental in Pink and Yellow

Here's what I wore to the Rajo Laurel x SM Parisian launch that happened last night at SMX convention center. The invited said that we had to wear something oriental and this dress reminded me so much of the scenery paintings we see of China. Maybe it's just me but it does! Haha bloggers I was with last night were even telling me how it's good I got the theme right solo see I have back up! Lol Don't you love the dress? I do!! I'll wear it separately without the jacket next time... Maybe 6 months from now so you won't remember it so much? :P
IMG_3979 copy copyIMG_3980 copy copyIMG_3984 copy
[Dress: FROUFROU, Jacket: Forever 21, Shoes: Zara]
 Just got home and now its time to do my homework! Hope you had a great Thursday! :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Verniece Turns 18!

Verniece's debut's the first and last grand debut my parents are ever going to throw so we as a family made sure it would be a memorable one. My parents were never the type of people to throw us grand parties on a yearly basis so this is something very new to all of us. If you read about my debut before, you would know that it fitted my personality more since I just partied with my closest friends in Republiq and then rented a room for my girlfriends and I to stay in after. However, Verniece's is VERY different from mine. I'm sure it's public knowledge that she's the one girly girl so her picking a fairytale debut was a given. and the theme was Winter Wonderland. I helped her pick the theme and because she was an ice skater, the theme we picked was very appropriate. We wanted everyone to feel like they entered the magical world of Narnia and with the comments we all got from family and friends, I think we got we wanted :) 
Yup, its the same tree and cage from the Michael Cinco x Bench show! Thank God we found the ambiance designer, Pido! :) He's AMAZING! He made our lives so much easier :)
Her grand entrance was here as a doll inside a jewelry box. I wish you were there to see this! Its so hard to explain in words and pictures...
We got the Boys Night Out to host the debut for us. I met Eric about two years ago and we keep in touch once in awhile so I really REALLY pushed for it to be the three of themto be complete. My siblings and I are a big fan of their show and humor and we knew that they would keep the whole program interesting :) 
I led the prayer (lol my only role! haha) 
Her second entrance before the 18 roses 
We had this crazy idea to spice up the 18 roses and made my brother last dance so that they could do the dougie :) This is my favorite part of the whole debut! I was honestly teary because I never knew my brother would dance in front of a crowd! haha! Sadly, I cannot dance to save my life so I can't join in (but I really wanted to! It was precious moment! lol) haha! 

My favorite people in the world got to go too!! They definitely made it more special :) 
Happy happy birthday Verniece! You truly were a princess that night :) 
xx, Vern