Friday, September 28, 2012

Two In One

I was set to attend class, two meetings and an event the day I wore this so I knew that I had to wear something that would make it easy for me to move from one place to the other. Another factor that made me want to wear pants/leggings and something black was that it was the time of the month for me and I'm sure you girls would understand me and I don't need to explain any further :P haha!

Don't you love when two separate items from two different stores seem like they are meant for each other? It's what I felt with these two items :)
IMG_4000 copy copyIMG_3993 copyIMG_3994 copyIMG_3996 copyIMG_4007 copyIMG_4012 copy
[Blazer and Necklace: FROUFROU, Top and Leggings: COTTON ON PHILIPPINES, Shoes: COMFIT, Nails: NAIL IT]

What're you up to today? :) I'll be in Rockwell the whole afternoon plus I'll be wine tasting with friends later! Sounds fun right? :) I'll make sure to share photos :)
xx, Vern

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