Friday, September 14, 2012

Looked Down On

I get a minimum of 40 emails a day and most of them are brand inquiries, online shops, girls asking for advice on what to wear or what to pair with this dress, etc and the best emails I get - long heartfelt emails like these. Fashion in general isn't widely accepted yet as a "serious" profession yet to "serious" professionals like those who belong to the medical, law or architectural industry and the more fashion blogging. People always see it as a hobby and you have no idea how my professors look at me when I ask permission about leaving class early for a shoot or a talk I have to give since again, it's a still a taboo for  many. I've always been the type of person who wanted to be a politician, a lawyer or an ambassador before I got into fashion blogging - my old gradeschool and highschool friends would know this but since most of my close friends now are new (barely 3 years), they would always see me as this girl who likes dressing up or when I say I want to be an ambassador, they would always think it's because of parties and the glamour life they live but I've always been just interested about improving the image the world around has about the Philippines. I'm not WOOHOO AKO AY ISANG PILIPINO!!! LABAN LABAN but I just want to change the perception they have about us - that we're more than just caregivers and maids and we don't live in trees anymore! (Just to make it clear, I have nothing against OFWs who work these jobs abroad. Because of my course, I am reminded that OFWs play a great role in improving our economy) I always tend to get looked down on when I say I spend most of my time on this. You have no idea, I swear. 
But then again.... I received an email a few days ago from Meg, a girl who approached me last week at High Street. 
Picture 1
Thank you, thank you Meg for reminding me why I love what I'm doing :) 
xx, Vern
P.S. Beware everyone! I have a lawyer who's backing me up when I need her!! haha :P

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