Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Hop On, Hop Off with BGC Experience

I was invited to try the newest offer of Bonifacio Global City, the Hop On, Hop Off bus tour a few days ago. The concept is just like any other bus tour abroad wherein you have to buy a ticket (25 pesos only!) and you will have a guided tour around the city. It has four stops but more than 20 sights to see! You also have the choice to stay in one stop but if you want to move on to the other, the bus will come back for you 30 minutes later :) You just have to keep the ticket! Let me show you more about it through pictures I took :) 
I brought my brother, Vernon with me! He's the type to enjoy new things like these so I made sure to bring him :) 
IMG_2484 IMG_2504
my other date, Ana :) 
One of the reasons why I really attended this tour despite the busy schedule I had that day: Carlos Celdran. I've always been a fan and I still have yet to try his tours since I've been hearing good reviews about it! I made sure to go to try out what he has to offer :) And ofcourse, it was no fail! I'm already planning to go with my friends :) 
*Carlos Celdran is the voice over for the tour

First stop: The amazing thing about BGC are the small parks they have made in between establishments to make the whole city pedestrian friendly. I've always said this and will continue saying it - if only the whole Philippines was like BGC, I wouldn't mind walking to places everyday! 
not only pedestrian friendly but child friendly as well!
PIKO! I remember playing this back in gradschool!! haha! 
Second stop: the Mind Museum. I've blogged about my experience here before :) 
Third stop: Another park! The great thing about the parks here in BGC is they showcase the talent of local artists :)
IMG_2555 IMG_2547 IMG_2546
Giraffes!! haha
Last stop: BGC is friendly to sports minded people as well :) The last stop was track 30, a sports oriented park. 
Again, the tour is only for 25 pesos so it's affordable enough to bring your kids :) Take advantage of it everyone! :)
xx, Vern

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