Monday, September 10, 2012

We Will Always Want To Be Thinner

don't know if girls were genetically made to never be contented with their bodies and weight but I'm sure every girl would agree to me when I say that we would always want to be thinner or for the lucky ones, fatter. I've always been one of the lucky ones in my family who never get fat no matter how much food I intake but it's only been lately that I did get a bit heavier. I was never really the type to take other's opinion when it comes to my weight because the more people say I gained weight, the more I eat. (Ask my mom about this! haha) But I'm actually the one who feels it already. I'm sure that 80% of us girls who actually say we THINK we're fat, doesn't actually think they're fat.. they're just fishing. (Proven, I swear! Okay... probably not 70% haha) But I FEEL it not think it so nope, I'm not fishing. haha Just clearing it up for those people who think I just am. haha!

I honestly don't like it (ofcourse, who doesnt!) because I actually have to watch the food I eat since I don't have the magical metabolism I had before. I don't know if its because I'm older or I really do just eat more now (junk food galore every night!). AND I actually seriously blame instagram... I'm sure you have the same sentiments as well. There are even times when I don't check my instagram just so I won't see the food my followers takes pictures of! haha Someone takes pictures of Mcdonalds, I start craving it.. or pizza... or nachos with salsa... or siopao... AHH haha now I'm craving! I guess I just have to start living a healthy lifestyle now that I'm leaving my teenage years in a few months if I do want to stay being a size small. Any classes you can recommend to me? :) I've tried dieting but I really can't do it!! haha

Anyway, enough about that food and weight. Here's what I wore to a Sunday out with my family. I first had to go to Rockwell for a meeting then went straight to dinner and church :) 
I'll probably have two outfit posts in a day for the next week. I still have so much unworn clothes I have to show you guys :) Be excited!
xx, Vern

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