Thursday, September 13, 2012


Don't you just looooooove reversible pieces??? I do! It makes it easier to use one piece of clothing more than once :) Atleast you know that the item is worth your money when you know that you can come up with more outfits just like this blazer :) It's amazing how the blazer's two sided face holds two things I love - floral and blue green :) 
Anyway, I just came home from a busy day out hence the late blog post :( I hope that you didn't stop viewing my blog though? But I tried plana forma again and I DIED. I am not a fit person, I swear. It was so sad because mommies were atleast 15-20 years older than me were more flexible than I am!! PLUS I was in a class with Aubrey Miles (she's a local sexy star here in the Philippines) so imagine how depressing that was for me. :( haha Even my friends couldn't believe I'm trying to work out. They were laughing at me when they fetched me from Plana earlier since my legs were shaking!! haha But I felt good after :) I'll do it again tomorrow! Friends, I'll prove to you that I can be fit too!! HAHA! 
[Dress: APARTMENT 8, Shoes: CHARLES AND KEITH, Ring: GOLD COUTURE, Blue Bangle and Necklace: SM ACCESSORIES, Silver Bangle: Gift from lola, Blazer: SHIMMER, Nail Polish: BAYO

What classes do you do or atleast tried? :) SHARE SHARE SHARE!
xx, Vern

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