Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Ever since my Charina Sarte debut dress, I've had this on going romance with the color nude since it's the color that flatters my skin color the most.. I also love how it gives the illusion like you're wearing nothing but you're really fully clothed. But I don't think it really flatters my new figure so maybe I should take a break with it for awhile! hahhaa I honestly didn't realize this till the day of the fitting which was a day before my sister's debut sooooooooo please do excuse this post! haha No hate please? I don't think I can take hater comments about my weight :P 
Anyway, I honestly wanted to wear my debut dress again just because it's oh so pretty but ofcourse my mom wanted me to wear something new to my sister's special birthday party so I just had something similar made! I wanted to maintain the lace in the color nude but instead of drapes, I wanted feathers to be the main focal point of the dress. I didn't want to look like a walking bird so I just had them on the bottom :) I wish I was in the right state of mind and actually took better pictures! These don't give justice to how pretty this dress is!
[ Dress: My mom's friend, Earrings: SM ACCESSORIES, Shoes: Zara, Make up by: IRENE MANIGO
How do you like the dress? Love it? Hate it? :) 
xx, Vern

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