Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Colorful Life

Who here has always been a fan or atleast seen BAYO since you were little kids? I have! It's really one of the brands I grew up with. I remember wanting to buy those dainty looking polos yet whenever my mom would take me, it would be too big for me. I've always dubbed it as a "mommy store" but as I grew older, there are finally sizes for me. I've always perceived BAYO to house classic and neutral colored pieces and thankfully, they've grown together with the rest of the Philippine fashion world and created colorful pieces that would fit the moms and teens today :) They came up with their newest campaign, finally one that's not so controversial, the "A Colorful Life" and you would really see how much color there is now when you visit a Bayo store :) 
Anyway, there are two dresses that caught my eye and here's the first one. I love how clothes (together with accessories) have this power to make you look younger or older. As for this, I attended a meeting wherein the brand would need me to look a few years older so I wore this dress :) How old do you think I look? :P 
Don't you love the dress? :) 
xx, Vern

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