Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cotton On Now in the Philippines!

Cotton On is now in the Philippines! I think I've announced this twice or thrice before but again, I will never get tired of saying it! :) I went to the first day of the public opening to cover and ofcourse, shop a few items for myself and my favorite people :) 
I went around 12 pm and there was still a line! I heard it was longer around 10 am :)
the line for the cashier was longer!
My favorite! Their jeans looked so comfy and it looked like it will last you for a long time :)
Have you visited the store for yourself? :) Lots of great finds at great discounts! :) I bought a polo for my dad, 3 polos for my brother, a cardigan and a top for my mom, a blazer for my sister, 4 pairs of shoes for myself and I got it all for less than 9,000 pesos! :) crazy right? see you there!
xx, Vern

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