Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Its A New Month

It was evident in my last few posts that I've been sad lately but I don't want to elaborate why anymore. Over the week, I realized alot and I wanna share it with you guys since I've been getting alot of feedback in my fs that they feel the same way or they're sad too and so on. I know its just 9.30 in the morning, maybe its too early for some dramatic revelations and such but I guess this will help you start your March right :)

Things don't go our way sometimes and I realized that no matter how sad you are, no matter how much you cry, no matter how much you want to die and just evaporate from the world, the world doesn't stop for you. The world doesn't wait for you to feel better before it runs its normal course. It doesn't, at all. And because of that, your world shouldn't either. You may feel like you're hurting na kunwari na fefeel mo na your heart is getting broken into a million pieces but you gotta suck it up and continue with your day to day routine. You might think that no, I'm sad, I have the right to cry all night, all day, yes you do. Trust me, thats how I feel every time someone tells me to stop crying but you know that at some point, you gotta put yourself together. That even if sometimes you still feel like your world goes slow mo in a really really bad way in the middle of you walking somewhere, you still have to continue walking cause if not, mabangga ka sige. Joking but you get what I mean? :)

Also, it's how you handle your problems that matter. My dad always told me that. That the more I sulk and whine about something, the more I won't get what I want. So let's say you want something back, you want your boyfriend back, you want your job back, you want your good grades back, the more you wont get it if you just sit in my one corner crying your eyeballs out. You have to stand up and do something about it or even most of the time let fate and faith run its course. It's always been a hard thing for me to accept the saying that there's a reason for everything that happens because that event may be something that will break your heart the most but since God loves us, those reasons are the ones that will lead us to the right path.

So if you're sad, come on smile and look for something that will make you happy. If you still want to cry, its alright but be sure to do something that will make you happy after. If it's meant to be, it'll come back to you. :)

Just like what Divine Lee says, keri lang teh! March will be our month!! :)
xx, Vern

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