Sunday, March 13, 2011


You know how I keep mentioning before that music I listen to in the morning affects my choice of outfit?? I was listening to Hello by Martin Solveig and I was feeling the whole Coachella vibe!! I wanted to wear flats but I wanted to be dressy still so opted for heels! I wanna go to Coachella one day! :) that would be one hell of a road trip!





[Top: The Ramp, Shorts: The Ramp, Shoes: Charles and Keith, Bag: H&M, accessories: Girlshoppe]

so anyway, I went to Rockwell earlier to stop by the bazaar in Rockwell tent and watch Adjustment Bureau! that movie is so goood!!! I recommend you watch it, I swear! :) Ohh and I got two additions to my shoe collection!!! Theyre both so prettyyy <3 <3 so excited to wear them out :) 



hope you had a great Sunday! I sure did! 

xx, Vern 

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