Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Charina Sarte

Went to Greenbelt 5 today to go to Charina Sarte's boutique! I swear I love her designs! I think it perfectly fits my style :) So anyway, I finally found a dress for my 18th and I found it here! I cannot wait to share it with you guys!! Sadly, I have to wait till the 25th till I can actually blog about it :) haha Here are pictures of her boutique!





when I get my bday money, would definitely buy one of these skirts to add to my closet!
never expected her to be so nice! She was even the one who helped get into her dresses and all :) I love her! haha 

tried the Hianeese (dunno how you spell it) Chicken from Toastbox! This was my 2nd full meal of the day and it was so yummy!
Wanted to go for comfort so this what I wore today: 



[Top: The Ramp Crossings
Skirt: H&M 
Shoes: Hong Kong
Ring: SM]

Hope you had a great Wednesday!
xx, Vern

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