Saturday, March 26, 2011


 If this young lad looks familiar, don’t worry your pretty head about it because she is definitely not hard to spot in spite of having a double (hint: her sister). Turning legal today is 18-year oldVernica Encisothe petite fashionista behind A Shoe Tale. Read on for an inside scoop on this it-girl’s fashion musts.

Vern is currently a European Studies student in De La Salle University. She juggles makeup artistry and freelance modeling on the side too. She shares an art-centered blogazine called The New Department with a crew of young writers and photographers.

..... Vern Enciso is your modern day cake topper— she’s a pleasant little thing that influences everything around it. Thou shall not belittle her; her sheepish smile and vast shoe collection are killers. With her tiny physique and young, positive aura, I see no reason why this girl can’t stay 18 forever as she wishes. :)

Just snippets of my favorite feature!!!! Thank you to Fashion Firewoman!!!! :) :) :) :) :) Such a great birthday gift to me!! :) :)

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