Thursday, March 31, 2011

Color Blocking

I will never ever forget this outfit of Camilla Belle from Gucci. I think it was the outfit that first got me to notice the color blocking trend. She wore this to a Pre Grammy brunch and it was love at first sight for me! So gorgeous and unexpected colors put together :) I love it!

Camilla Belle at Gucci & RocNation Host Pre-Grammy Brunch 2011

So I wanted to copy the outfit but since I lacked both the pants and the blazer, I just tried copying the color combination instead! :) I know its faaaaar from the inspiration but I tried! :P haha Wore this when I went to go to my final interview today for a new opportunity for me. Its quite obvious what it will be because of the last picture but I just got the final word today and I couldn't be happier! :) A new distraction, new opportunity, new exposure! So excited to start on Friday! :) 






[Top: Landmark, skirt: Hong Kong, Shoes: Janilyn, Necklace: Apostrophe]

My new second home for the next three months :) 


Just came home from an event in Member's Only! Will tell you guys all about it in my next post which I'll probably be posting tomorrow pa since I need some shut eye soon! :) Might go to Nuvali with my friends tomorrow!! :) 
xx, Vern

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