Thursday, March 24, 2011

Anonymous Effect

 I had the funniest dream Tuesday night, a part of it was I saw what I was wearing (in the dream) and liked it! So when I woke up the next day,  I looked for plans so that I could wear my outfit out! HAHAHA! I was supposed to meet up and have lunch with the person-who-super-loves-me-that-he'll talk-and-act-gay-even-if-he's-a-full-grown-man-with-a-girlfriend-just-cause-I-want-my-guy-bestfriend to-be-gay-instead HAHA, Inaki (hi inaki if youre reading this!) but plans changed when I had to go back to Charina's shop in Greenbelt! So after that, went to Adidas Headquarters to get some stuffies and finally meet Sidney! (Hi Sidney if you're reading this!) 



ate at Cibo again and I love their salad,  I swear! I can eat plates of this!
As for my outfit post, I tried taking pictures whole body but it looked awful so I had shots like these taken instead :P haha I dunno why I dreamt of this, I swear! HAHA But I was out from 11-2 am yesterday and I didnt feel uncomfy at all! So maybe thats why :P 





It's my birthday eve tonight! I can;t believe I'm finally turning 18.. can I stay 18 forever? 

xx, Vern

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