Sunday, March 20, 2011

Birthday Week

It's always been a personal tradition of mine to spend birthday week the right way by wearing something new everyday (today was an exemption since I had my girly time of the month) and hang out with everyone special to me as much as possible! So today, to start it off - I know a week starts on Sunday but its my birthday so allow me to :P, I bonded with my brother and cousins in Eastwood and Fun Ranch! Bought some cutesie stuffies  and I wanna share them with all of you! :) I swear I'm having the best Birthday week ever and I will not allow anything or anyone ruin it for me! 

Both from a random bazaar stall in Eastwood

Pretty shoes from PRP!
Bought clothes too but I don't wanna share them with you guys since my outfit posts won't be a surprise anymore! :| HAHA! 


Went to Ark Avilon earlier and I had so much fun!! But you know, I felt so bad for the lion and tiger there :( I've always had a softie for animals and seeing them all sad and alone made me sad :( Zoos take them away from their natural habitats and their families and it's such a sad thing to do! Small zoos like these should be banned (even if its so much fun) and put up Safaris instead as to still give the animals a normal life. If anyone knows an organization that supports this cause please link it below. Would love the blog about them and spread the word!


This part I had the most fun - feeding rabbits and guinea pigs with carrots and goats and sheep with leafy greens! Hee brings out the kid in me! :) I recommend this place for families and couples who love animals or who's up for something new to do for dates! :) It's located at Tiendesitas along C5! For 300 bucks for entrance, it's place worth going to! Go check it out for yourself! :) 

hope you had a great Saturday!
xx, Vern

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