Sunday, March 6, 2011

Vern's Make Up Essentials

This is quite an overdue post but I've been having a hard time taking pretty product shots of my make up so when I found out that Polyvore can do that for you, I made this right away!
Make Up Essentials

This is what I basically use daily. I didn't include the foundation anymore because I skip that almost everyday. I only wear it when I go out with friends or when I'm feeling girlier than usual :P haha So here they are! 

(1) MAC Concealer - I use an NC30 shade
(2) MAC lipstick - Malt shade
(3) Shu Eyelash Curler
(4) MAC Eyeliner - Smolder shade
(5) NARS Lipliner
(6) Shu Mascara
(7) Benefit 10 - I love this cause it serves as a bronzer for contouring and blush!
(8) MAC Loose powder - NC30 shade
(9) MAC Brow Shader - I use the lightest shade (polyvore doesnt have a picture)

Hope you enjoyed this post!
xx, Vern

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