Thursday, March 17, 2011

Simple Pleasures

Went to Fun Ranch earlier in Alabang for my niece's birthday party! It was such a cute place!! and my gosh my cousins tricked me into going to the slide and I have this booboo on my elbow :( haha I was tricked by 5 year old kids! Crazzy! hahaha Anyway, this is what I wore! :) such a cute dress!!







[Dress: Town, Shoes: Possibility, Headbow: My sister's]


with the birthday girl! Happy birthday Felize! :) 
meet my grandparents! I love them to death and will forever be my favorite couple :) My lolo was even my yayo at some point! So lucky to have them! :) And I'm kilig cause today I found out that they actually read my blog! :) :) :) made me soo happy!!! :) hi lolo and lola! I know youre reading this! (made the font big so you wouldnt have a hard time reading it :)) Love you both! :) 
p.s. how high tech everyone these days!


went to Greenbelt with a couple of friends after! Food galore my gosh! I have to diet before next friday!! ITS MY BIRTHDAY IN EXACTLY ONE WEEK!!!! AHHH!!! :D so excited!!!!! I cant wait to shop!!!!!! :D and wear my dress :D haha 

P.S. Today, for the first time, a random person went up to me and asked if I was Vern cause she reads my blog. I was so kilig, I swear!!!!! :D Hi Keira (i hope I spelled it right!) :) :) :) :) :) 

Hope you had a great Thursday! 
xx, Vern 

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