Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blue and Yellow Blue and Yellow

Went to Pioneer to buy my new camera today!! I'm so happy! A really really great way to start my birthday month!! :) I'm still thinking of a name so I'll show it to you guys when it has one already :P 

had lechon macau in one of those Chinese restos there :) yumm!

hiding my sabog face! hahaha

Went to Alabang after to fetch my siblings from school and eat out! 


Wanted something comfy and easy to move around in so I opted for this sheer floral top & these shorts :) Also I got my a small part of my bday money today and I bought these shoes and a couple of those cute stuff down there below! :) Again sorry for the no make up look hence the enormous eyebags! I've been so lazy to put to already :| haha







[Top: H&M
Shorts: SM
Necklace: Accessorize
Bag: Mango
Sheos: Janilyn]

expect me to wear these yellow shoes for awhile just like what I did to my purple and grey shoes! :P haha


Hope you had a great day today!
xx, Vern

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