Thursday, March 17, 2011


Had my first ever business meeting! I'm old already. guh haha but it was fun and new nonetheless! Had it in UCC in Burgos Circle. that will forever be my favorite place. Its so quaint and pretty! 


You don't see me in pants often by these pair of jeggings from Penshoppe are just too comfy! And they fit well too! Thank you Penshoppe for these pants :) 




[Top: Courtesy of Consider the Lilies, Pants: Courtesy of Penshoppe, Bag: Tonic, Shoes: Possibility]

I'm getting my birthday dress tomorrow!! I'm so excited!
xx, Vern 

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AND was featured last Sunday in Petite Voguish's blog! Thank you for this Anna!!! :) :) :) Read the feature here!

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