Friday, March 11, 2011

The Kid In Me

My mom and I went to the toy store in GB5 to buy my tita's daughter a gift for her birthday and I saw this! Its pretty silly, I know since I'm turning 18 soon and I actually still "play" with stuff from toy stores but this one I couldn't pass!! It has sketches of mannequins and stencils of clothes you can just trace on it! Its so cute, I swear!! I'm a frustrated fashion designer so this is very helpful!! :P haha 



I know they're not pretty but I can't draw to save my life!! :P hahaha so i'm excused! 

No outfit picture for today so I just drew it instead! :) Wore a see through white top with denim shorts, nude flats and a nude bag! Kept it simple since I wasn't really going anywhere special :) haha 


This is a pretty random post, I know but I just wanted to share with you guys my new toy! haha 
hope you had a great Thurs! 
xx, Vern 

Thank you to David Guison for helping me edit these photos :)

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