Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A New Adventure

I had such a loong day today since I was up at around 9 and was on a hustle from then till about 8 pm straight. Went to Taft in the morning till lunch time then when to Greenbelt 3 to go to ADIDAS! I'm officially a blogger asset for ADIDAS Philippines and I'm so ecstatic about it! You might think wow, for someone who dresses up girly everyday, she's blogging for a sporty brand?? but trust me, I thought about this real hard and I really compared their clothes to other brands and its ADIDAS I really like when it comes to that. Don't worry though, I will not bombard you with 3 posts of Adidas and their products everyday that show edited pictures and prices and clothes and stuff because I know that you wont even bother reading those! haha I will make them as fun and as exciting as possible! :) So please watch out for those :) 

Anyway, so here's what I wore today!





[Blazer: SM, Romper: Kids of Bayo,
Shoes: courtesy of Penshoppe (thank you Penshoppe!)]

 I'm happy that its summer soon because I get to wear these kinds of rompers again :) Cant wait to hit the beach soon! 

xx, Vern

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