Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Zouk Out Festival 2012

I love a good party with great music, equally great company and just good vibes. I'm not one who parties every week but I try to have fun once in awhile just like how every teenager should :) Last Saturday and Sunday in Singapore, my friends and I attended the biggest music festival in Asia called Zouk Out where a few of my favorite DJs were spinning. We've been looking forward to this for quite awhile now but the energy we spent in the morning and afternoon kind of changed things a bit. The festival started late already ever more the DJs we wanted to see. Thank God that the festival was only about a 10 minute walk from our hotel so we didn't have to be early :) 
On the first day, we did go at around 11 pm since we wanted to see Above and Beyond, Kaskade and Hardwell. I've never seen these DJs play live so I was really excited. The 10 minute walk was tiring itself even the more when we got inside and saw about 20,000 people partying. I swear, that drained the energy out of me! haha So there, my friends and I were such losers and planned to go home at around 2:30 after all three played but caught Major Lazer and stayed for another 30 minutes because of Gangham style and remixed mainstream songs :) Here are pictures of what I wore and what happened! 
IMG_2517 copyIMG_2527 copyIMG_2529 copyIMG_2530 copy
[One piece swimsuit: ROXY PHILIPPINES, Cover up: WARDROBE CHECK, Shorts: Bugis St, Singapore, Bag: TONIC, Necklace: FROUFROU
312762_138485502970110_1235711916_n copy
my favorite girlfriends
Zouk Out was held at Siloso Beach :) 
IMG_8435 copyIMG_8438 copyIMG_8437 copyIMG_8471IMG_8524 copy
Day 2 was quite challenging to go to since we just came from Universal Studios and the city and we were exhausted from all the walking and all the screaming on the rollercoaster. We all took out time to sleep, get ready, swim and eat dinner before going to the second night. We got there just in time for A Track and Calvin Harris then left right after! 
[Top: BENCH, Shorts: Bugis St., Singapore] 
IMG_8439 copyIMG_8541 copyIMG_8549 copyIMG_8479 copyIMG_8459 copyIMG_8443 copy
The crowd doubled by day 2!
IMG_8529 copyIMG_8483 copyIMG_8536 copy
Zout Out was such a fun experience but I think because of this festival, the next time I'd want to hear loud trance music would be next year :( haha! Have you ever been to a festival like this? It was my first time! 
xx, Vern

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