Thursday, December 13, 2012

Universal Studios, Singapore 2012 Part 1

Disneyland is a happy place but Universal Studios is definitely my euphoria place. Universal Studios rides fits teens like me who crave for the adrenaline rush and it brings me back to movies I want to be in and places I want to go to :) Disneyland is like that but I think Universal Studios is more barkada friendly! Disneyland's for family and cousins :) I've been to the one in the States twice and it was also my second time in the Singapore one last weekend. I swear, it NEVER gets old. I wish I could live there! So here's part one of the full day I spent at the park :) 
IMG_2592 copyIMG_2604 copyIMG_2605IMG_2606 copyIMG_2598 copyIMG_2607 copyIMG_2621 copyIMG_2611 copyIMG_2617 copyIMG_2624 copyIMG_2645 copy
FAVORITE!! My friends and I rode this 8 times! haha! 
IMG_2626 copyIMG_2628 copy
But the baddest, raddest, sickest ride of them all, the Transformers. That's where I want to be in forever. Makes me feel like I'm Megan Fox! Lol! 
IMG_2622 copyIMG_2634 copyIMG_2637 copy
The Mummy Ride was SCARY. haha! I will always be scared of the dark. Personally though, the one in the States is longer and definitely scarier :( haha! And trust me when I say that the journey towards the ride is scarier than the ride itself. So.. DUN DUN DUN! haha! 
523941_10151323503097941_633398241_n copy
We ate lunch in Friar's something :) Forgot the whole name but chicken was good! 
IMG_2651 copyIMG_2654 copyIMG_2655 copyIMG_2644 copyIMG_2650 copyIMG_2656 copyIMG_2649 copy
I will always like staying in Faraway Land because it makes me feel like a kid all over again. I'm a big fan of the Shrek movies and everything about the place makes you feel like you're inside the movie! There's even background music to back it up :) 
IMG_2625 copy
New York, New York! :) 
And this concludes part 1 of my blog post! I shall blog about part 2 tomorrow :) For now, I'll be on my way to Resorts World Manila to attend the SMARTIphone5 party! :) 
xx, Vern

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