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The New Spiral

First things first! Here's what I wore to the Spiral dinner with my family two days before Christmas :) Since it was still Christmas time, I opted to wear red and because we were going to a buffet, I had to wear something loose! :P 
IMG_4040 copy
[Dress: MISS 60, Shoes: CHARLES & KEITH, Necklace: SM ACCESSORIES] 

Now that's done, let's move on to the dinner! I had such a hard time editing and blogging about these pictures because it made me hungry every single time. I would choose to skip doing this first because I would just get fat! haha! I would crave what I see! Anyway, it's 4 am in the morning and I'm doing only because it's too late (and scary haha) to go down and get something to eat :) But I've been looking forward to blog about this because I know you, my dear readers would enjoy it as much as I did making it! :) 
IMG_3931 copy
Spiral Buffet is located at the ground floor of Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila (behind CCP and near the Mall of Asia for those who are not familiar). It is a world class hotel that offers endless dishes and drinks that's inspired by different cuisines around the world. They actually just recently renovated the place after a typhoon destroyed the venue awhile back. I've been to the place a couple of times before and I swear, you really have to come in hungry! Everything is LITERALLY endless and everything from the taste, presentation, service and everything in between is world class. The buffet has a total of 21 ateliers (Salad and Appetizer, L’Écailler, Sushi Sashimi, L’Epicerie, Hot Japanese, French Stove, Rotisserie,Wood fired Oven, Churrasco, North Indian,Asian Noodles, Peking Duck Oven, Steam Baskets, Chinese Wok, Filipino, Thai, Korean, La Boulangerie, La Patisserie, Chocolaterie and Creamery), seats 452 and total area of 2, 921 sqms. 

IMG_4015 copy
Thank you Blessy and Sofitel Manila for this welcome cake! :) Eating it as we speak! (Okay fine, I am eating at 4 in the morning! haha) 
IMG_3946 copy
The place was redecorated and even if it was designed by a  Design Studio Spin from Japan, everything from the tables, chairs and decoration is sourced and Filipino inspired :) Check out the chandelier! 
IMG_3984 copy
Not only does it offer seats inside but if you opt for a warm breeze, you can take the veranda seats as well! If you want to have your own private dining, there are 6 private rooms for your use. You just have to reserve in advance :) 

They have all kinds of breads you can imagine! This is probably one of the 20. haha! I didn't take pictures of everything so that it won't give the place away :) 
IMG_4002 copy
One of the newest features of the New Spiral Buffet would be the cheese room. I died. I've developed a love for cheese since my Bordeaux days with my friends and I was in my happy place when I entered the room! The size of the cheeses reminded me of Lizzie Mcquire the movie :P Bella! 
IMG_3948 copy
The salad bar. All vegetables are sourced from the best places you can find them here in the country :) 
IMG_4003 copyIMG_4004 copyIMG_4005 copy
Even the fresh seafood is sourced locally too! They only source from the best :) 
IMG_3940 copy
The cuisines are endless! They have chinese...
IMG_3937 copy
Indian.. (A little trivia: The tandoori stove was flown in all the way from India to get the authentic Indian taste) 
IMG_4007 copy
Just a quick trivia, the uniforms were designed by Rajo Laurel. I love how they patronize and support local :) 
IMG_3960 copy
IMG_3943 copy
IMG_3939 copy
IMG_3936 copy
for the carnivores station (like me!)... 
American... and alot more!
The 1 million peso stove. It's the first in the country. Yup, you better enjoy that food of yours.. it's cooked in a 1 million peso stove! haha
IMG_3961 copy
One of the newest features of the new Spiral would be that all food are cooked to your preference. Name it, they'll cook it! 

And my favorite part of the whole thing.... DESSERT STATION!! 
IMG_3965 copyIMG_3992 copyIMG_3971 copyIMG_3966 copyIMG_3975 copyIMG_3980 copy
That's not even half of the dessert they had! 
IMG_3982 copy
Another new feature would be their Parisian inspired bar :) 
IMG_3974 copy
The best wines from around the globe are available in Spiral! And yup, it's included with the buffet! 
Here's what I ate... well half of it. I probably had 6 or 9 more plates! haha I just forgot to take pictures in between! My tip when eating there? Just got a little bit of everything so you can taste every single thing :) 

I don't want to spoil everything so I only showed you half of what's instore for you so that when you enter Spiral, there's still something to look forward to! :) I hope you enjoyed my tour of Spiral Buffet! I came in hungry and came out satisfied :) 
xx, Vern 

P.S. Here's the opening hours: 
Breakfast: (Daily) 6:30 am - 10: 30 am
Lunch: (Mon- Sat) 12 noon - 2:30 pm
Brunch: (Sun) 12 noon - 3:00 pm
Dinner: (Daily) 6:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Supper at La Veranda: 11: 00 pm - 1:00 am 


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