Sunday, December 2, 2012


I've been saving these pair of shorts for the longest time, too long that I've lost weight and it doesn't fit me well anymore. Thank God for belts though! It's funny how I just realized that this is only one of the few times I've a belt for its purpose. The rest are just for accessorizing. Anyway, I wore this to two meetings and to the mall with my family :)
Don't you love places here in Manila that make it seem like you aren't? My sister and I were pretending we were in Los Angeles the whole time we were taking pictures! haha I think Rockwell will be my new outfit photo place :P 
IMG_1713 copyIMG_1709 copyIMG_1698 copyIMG_1691 copyIMG_1700 copy
[Top: Thrifted, Shorts: SOUL LIFESTYLE, Blazer: SABRINA, Shoes: Zara, Belt: GOLD COUTURE]

I'm on my way to Manaoag with my family today! :) What're you doing on this lovely Sunday morning?
xx, Vern

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