Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Best Christmas Gift

Sharing with you pictures from Christmas eve! 
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Christmas is a time of giving and love and I'm lucky to experience it every year. My family and immediate family on both sides knows the importance of the holidays and always always make us feel it, no matter what. It's the time when my parents never get mad at us, the time when eating 5 times a day is okay, an excuse to have endless Christmas parties with friends and loved ones, a time to buy gifts no matter how expensive or impractical they may be, a time to express love in all ways possible and ofcourse, to be thankful to God for giving us not only today but everyday. 
Christmas was actually different this year. Having been gifted and blessed with a wonderful pair of parents who have given us what we need and a little but more, it's hard to actually ask for something material. Hate me for saying this but I honestly couldn't think of a gift I wanted to ask! I swear, I couldn't think. I actually saved to buy myself a new bag but everytime I would go to a store and actually buy, I couldn't find something I like. So I realized that this year, I got the best gift anyone could ever recieve: contentment. I know I might take this back tomorrow, next week, or next year and hopefully I don't jinx it but I think I got that gift :) I've actually been praying for that for a long time now only because I've learned that greediness would not take me anywhere good. It's good to be greedy with dreams and always strive for more but if you want everything at the same time, you will ruin every single great thing you have going on for you :) So God, thank you for giving me the best gift! :) 
What's your favorite gift received this year? :) 
xx ,Vern

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