Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wings On My Feet

I may not be the messenger god, Hermes but I sure did feel like I had wings on my feet yesterday! I wore this to pull outs and shopping for Singapore then to my dad's office's Christmas party. I did ofcourse wear flats to roam around MoA but I sure did get some stares from my dad's staff when I walked in the venue! haha I've learned to get used to stares like that and just keep in mind that maybe there is something eye catching with my outfit and I'm guessing that with this, its the shoes! haha I wanted to be in the Christmas theme but ofcourse, I didn't want to look like a walking tree just yet so I thew in the shoes :)

I'm sorry if I haven't been writing sensible blog posts recently. I'm just trying to squeeze everything in before I leave for Singapore this weekend since right when I land from Singapore, I have to go straight to school to take an exam :( I think I'll even be studying on the plane! Thank God its for one of my favorite subjects that I just need to brush up on the topics and memorize some terms :)
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I'm starting to love Casio watches! I used to be so against them but now I think I understand what everyone's been fussing about! :)
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[Top and Bag: FROUFROU, Skirt: APARTMENT 8, Blazer: TOPSHOP PHILIPPINES, Necklace: SM ACCESSORIES, Shoes: JOCO COMENDADOR, Belt: Vernon's old belt, Watch: WATCH FACTORY]

I'm probably running some errands as we speak so if you do see me around Glorietta and Mall of Asia looking haggard, please excuse the look! haha :P Have a great Tuesday ahead of you!
xx, Vern

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