Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Singapore 2012: Neon, The City and Bugis

Like I said in my previous post, I went to Singapore with my friends for the weekend to visit Universal Studios, explore the city, eat some good food and to attend the Zouk Out festival. It's my first time to actually go out of the country without my family so this trip was a big deal for me! I'm so happy that I was actually allowed and experience something like this. It's been awhile since I took a break from school, blogging and work so I really saved up and worked for this trip! All I wanted to do was reward myself! :) 
Our flight to Singapore was quite early so we checked in the Movenpick Hotel at Sentosa from the Airport, took a shower then went to the city to meet up with more friends. We then went to Ion Mall and Bugis Street to eat lunch and start on some shopping! We went back to the hotel to rest, have dinner, get ready and pre-game for Zouk Out day 1! :) Let me show you how my first day went thru pictures and what I wore as well :) 
IMG_2486 copy
All I packed for the trip were loud colors, short skirts, shorts, sandals and breezy tops! Singapore's waaayyy hotter than Manila, thank God the clothes I brought were made to survive the heat. 
IMG_2514 copy
Amazing entrance of the hotel we stayed in. 
IMG_2492 copyIMG_2452 copy
IMG_2454 copy
The lobby
IMG_2481 copyIMG_2479 copyIMG_2496 copyIMG_2478 copyIMG_2474 copy
Ion Mall 
IMG_2466 copy
We took the train everywhere and I think that's what made me exhausted. Singaporeans walk everywhere so I love how walking friendly the whole city was! This is something I don't usually do with my family though so the change was great :) 
IMG_2489 copyIMG_2476 copy
Hi JJ, Ins and Dinnie! Miss you three already! :) 
IMG_2504 copy
BUGIS STREETT!! Went craazzzyyyy here!! 
IMG_2497 copyIMG_2495 copyIMG_2510 copyIMG_2500 copyIMG_2459 copy
My view was this "fake" merlion for the last 3 days. I wish I could wake up to this again tomorrow morning! :( 
[Top, Skirt and Necklaces: FROUFROU, Sunglasses: Asos, Sandals: PROMOD PHILIPPINES
I badllllyyyyyy miss Singapore and my friends already! :( I'll blog about Zouk Out tomorrow and what I wore to the festival! :) Happy happy Tuesday everyone! 
xx, Vern

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