Monday, December 3, 2012

The King & I

I've always wanted to see a play that's so much better than the ones I saw back in highschool. I have the worst perception of plays because of the likes of Florente at Laura, Noli mi Tangere, etc so I wanted to change that. I wanted to see Phantom of the Opera or the Sound of Music but the timing was just never right. On the day that the play was on, I was doing something and then the weekends were always fully booked! Good thing though that one of best friends, Ina offered me a ticket for the King and I :) I had the greatest time and I wish there were more of these to come! It made me regret not seeing the two plays I missed :( But then again, there's always a next time. 
So let me share with you pictures from the play. I'm not really sure if I was allowed to take photos so I made sure I was discreet and took them with my iphone haha! 
IMG_8263 copyIMG_8262 copyIMG_8271 copy
My favorite part would be the "Shall We Dance" scene. I've always loved the song! 
IMG_8269 copyIMG_8264 copyIMG_8272 copyIMG_8260 copyIMG_8273 copyIMG_8276 copy
This play made me proud to be Filipino. I can't believe we have so many talented singers here!! Plus kids too! :) The backdrop was high-tech and the stage set amazing was amazing! Kudos to them :) Have you seen it?
xx, Vern

P.S. I still can't get my mind off the "Run Eliza Run" scene! haha I think I had nightmares cause of the chanting :( lol

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