Friday, December 31, 2010

Top Trends 2010: Sportswear


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Honestly, when I saw the word sportswear in the list of top trends for 2010, I got a bit nervous cause I do not own one piece of clothing that I personally can consider "sportswear". Thank god for researching, I found out that sportswear for 2010 are separates that are clean and monotone and that I can assure you I have alot since I'm into the whole Ella from Melrose Place vibe nowadays. haha! So this is what I came up with the inspiration I got from the pictures above! I wanted to make it a bit more interesting by wearing a cropped top and leg warmers. My god, can you now imagine the look on people's faces in the mall I went to earlier?? HAHA!

Anyway, you know how songs can somehow inspire the way you pose for pictures? And the song I chose to listen to the whole day that inspired me to pose like the way I do in the pictures below is Kickstarts by Example! I'll be posting the song below so go play it first before looking at the pictures below ;-) haha Oh and sorry for bombarding you with posts today.. I'm wearing two outfits today and both channel trends from the Preview list! :-) Happy New Year everyone!!!! :-) its in 4 HOURS!! 

 Example - Kickstarts .mp3

Found at bee mp3 search engine

[Blazer: SM
Shorts: Zara
Cropped top: gift
Shoes: H&M
Leg Warmers: sister's]

xx, Vern

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