Monday, December 27, 2010

Facehunter in Manila

Yesterday was definitely one of the highlights for my blogging life or actually for the year for me. As all you know, I'm new at blogging (going 4 months soon!) and I haven't really gotten my way around it and I'm just in the process on meeting new people and other bloggers. This event really is a good turn out for me and I wanna share it with you guys! :-) I shall tell it the story through pictures! 

He just talked about his book for awhile and answer ALOT of the audience's questions! 

Went to Fullybooked at Highstreet yesterday for the book signing of Facehunter and I had such a blast listening to his interview thanks to Efril who kept me company the whole time! :-) haha 


(photos with Efril from Honey Andrade

Also, a bloggers event would not be one if you don't hang out and meet new blogger friends! :-) Had pictures with Kookie and Llyoda as well but not from my camera so I'll just be waiting for other posts and update this! :-) haha

With Efril, she was my buddy for the night! Super enjoyed your company!! :-) 

With Ava and Ana! :-) 

with the ever so pretty Bestie! :-) Definitely one of my favorite bloggers :-)

Again with Ava and Ana but with Melai this time! :-) 

With Raleene! :-) Who I was very happy to catch up with! :-)

The person I was so honored to meet, Karl! I never expected him to be so nice but he really was! :-) Loved his shoes too!!! 

With Pax fresh from Cebu! :-) 

(with Ava and Ana! (photo from Ava :-))

With Honey this time! :-) So nice to meet you Honey!! Till the next event! :-) 

(photo from Honey Andrade

Since the line was so long, took pictures of things I loved! Not much cause I was too shy to approach the others but nonetheless here they are! :-)

Ana's inkarlcreating shirt! Love it!! 

Ava's pretty outfit!

Loved the detail of this!

Liz Uy's to die for shoes!

and the whole outfit of David Guison

After waiting in line for almost 3 hours, I finally got to get my book signed and it was really surreal! Loved what he wrote and his sense of humor made it worth while! :-) 

He took my pictures too!! :-D hahaha

And here's what he wrote on my book :-) Got really kilig that he wrote this! :-) 

My outfit for the night! Wanted to wear something girly so I wore this SM dress and my brown pumps to the event :-) I should really style my hair more this way, what do you think? :-) 

[photo from Raleene]

[photo from]

[dress: SM
shoes & bag: Zara
Necklace: bazaar]

OH and guess who's following my @ashoetale account on twitter now!!! :-) 

I went to the after party but I don't wanna post pictures anymore but the party was a success and the place was gorgeous! Thank you to Carina Alejandro for the invite and the extra passes to the party :-) Definitely a night to remember! :-) Can't wait to see the other posts about this event! :-) 

xx, Vern

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