Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Christmas Wishlist

So here is my wish list for the upcoming holidays! :-) It was pretty hard to choose what I want cause there's just too much things to covet everywhere!! :-( haha 

1. Any of these Jeffrey Campbells! I just ordered my Litas and hopefully they arrive soon but I'm just dying to have these!!! 

2. Balenciaga giant city in Pink 

3. Any of these MAC lipsticks 

[ Costa Chic, Girl About Tow, Lady Danger & Hellraiser]

4. Brush 130 from MAC

5.  Original The OC dvd seasons 1-4! 

6. Giant Giraffe Stuffed Toy! The kid in me has been wanting this for the longest time! haha 

7. Good Grades this term
8. More blessings for my family
9. A Lakers jersey for my doggy Mojo 
10. More blogging projects
11. Chicago popcorn chocolate mix!
12. Sonja's cupcakes or any cupcakes that chocolate flavored!! :D 

There you go guys! Here's my wishlist for the holidays!! :-) haha Anyone sweet enough and loves me SO much to give me any of these??? :D hahaha! Whats yours?? :-) 

xx, Vern

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