Wednesday, December 1, 2010



Cardigan: Zara
Top: Topshop 
Highsocks: H&M 
Hat: Cosmopolitan
Necklace: DIY
Bangles: Different 
Shoes: H&M

This is what I wore to school yesterday except for the black high socks... oh how I wish I can wear these but the scorching heat won't let me :-( And to think it's December! haha Anyway, did you see the strawberries printed on my skirt?? :-D Aren't they so cute!! :-D I got this skirt way back and I'm so happy I waited till the high socks trend :-) I think it fits it perfectly :-) Took two tests yesterday and took another today :-( then I have another one tomorrow!! Wish me luck guys! 

Officially 24 days to go!! 

xx, Vern

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