Friday, December 17, 2010

Greater Good Launch

Went to The Greater Good launch last night at Mall Of Asia with the The New Department! It was very very intimate and I had fun! :-) It was a first for us five to be out together so cheers to more of these! :-) Congrats to the owners, Mike and Chris! Amazing store!! :-)  


[Daniel Naval checking out the shirts]

[Some of the shirts available at the store! The store collaborates with famous artists and they're only for 550 so go get yourselves one! :-) very affordable and you get to help the world just by buying one! :-)]

[Ana's rings & my favorite bag!] 

[Amazing on the spot exhibit!]

[Awesome people I went with: Casey, Ana, Mandi, Boo & Daniel. Also saw other bloggers! Melai, Ava and Ana!] 

[Ate at cafe Med last night and the kebab was AMAZING!!]

[Since I didn't get to take an outfit post, I'll just treat this lovely picture with a lovely blogger, Pax of Drowning Equilibriums as one! :-) Love our winter outfits!! ;) haha] 

I wore this Jersey dress that my mom got for me and paired with my satin green pumps from H&M to stay true to my new inspiration, Ella Sims! :-)

Went to Izakaya and Barcino after! :-) had the greatest conversation last night! :-) Fun fun day! ;-) 
Till the next post! 

xx, Vern

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