Tuesday, December 7, 2010

REVIEW: TND Feature on Leo Cruz

If you were a boy, how would you dress up? That question was asked earlier while having lunch with a friend and I gave the answer of "maybe, someone who is really preppy and trendy but definitely not metro." But TND's feature on Leo Cruz definitely just changed my mind in heartbeat. I know I'm a bit biased because of well, I am part of TND but because features are not as big as the shoots usually do, we do not have to get each other's opinions on whether this is okay or not. Kudos to Boo Umaly who wrote the piece and Leo for giving such great answers to our simple questions, the whole feature blew me off my seat especially because I did not expect this feature to be as inspiring as it is. 

For us fashionphiles, we've always undermined the "ghetto" look as something that only rappers could wear because of the big Nike dunks, big pants and big ass shirts but this guy, takes this kind of style into a whole new level. He definitely changed my perspective on this kind of style with the help of his blog, Goutsdeluxe. So yes, because of him, I would definitely say that if I were a boy, I'd definitely dress like this guy right here. I'm sure you're surprised that I'm saying this but believe me, after reading the feature and go through his blog, bling, rapping and nike might not be so bad after all. 

To check out the full interview go to: 

picture from: TND

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