Saturday, December 4, 2010

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

You will definitely know that it's almost when Christmas when there are bazaars every weekend EVERYWHERE! haha This weekend, I went to two! Yesterday, went to the World Trade World Bazaar one and I suggest for you clothes lovers, do not go there. There's not much to see :-( But the food, big brands discounts and home decor, I suggest you do! Anyway, I went to the one in Nuvo today and I love the pieces I found there. It was a small one but the pieces are really good :-) I finally FINALLY bought new make up brushes!! :-) haha Before that, I went to my tito's house in Blue Ridge and I adore their Christmas tree! Here's where I took my outfit pictures too :-) Here's my day in pictures! :-)

 [Dress: Mango
Shoes: Hong Kong
Hat: Cosmopolitan
Belt: Random
Necklace: The Ramp]

Pictures from the Bazaar: 

really wanted to buy that!! 

 bought that leopard skirt! :-)

 I got the Bobbie Brown ones!

 My cousin Inigo! He's such a cutipie!! haha


If you're planning to go tomorrow, I suggest you go over to my tita's stall. She sells really yummy pastries! :-) Just look for the name, Riza's! :-D Thank you in advance if ever you're buying :-) Anyhow, I'm posting two exciting posts!! A BLOGGER GIVEAWAY is one and a very exciting event!!! :-D 

SO excited, I swear! :-D 
xx, Vern

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