Monday, December 20, 2010

Consider The Lilies

Photographer: Heidi Sarol
Make Up Artist/Stylist: Vern Enciso
Store Owner: Shaye Parlade 

I had the greatest time shooting this because even if I was 2 batches higher, everyone was so warm and friendly! I love nice people, they make your job easier and more fulfilling. I could honestly say that the young budding photographer, Heidi Sarol would always be close to my heart and one of my favorites because she has this vibe wherein you would be so comfortable doing whatever infront of the camera and she trusts you with whatever but would not hesitate to correct you or to suggest you to do something in a really really nice way. They prepared all the light hues for me and I got kilig because Heidi actually knows what looks good on me already! :-) And the owner, Shaye was so nice as well! She had the most amazing vintage pieces and she was not aware of it! I would not sell them if I had them! haha Her mom was so welcoming as well! She kept complementing me and she even fed us and gave us freebies for sharing our time with them :-) And Alyssa and Camille for assisting! You two are the sweetest :-) Till the next collection guys!

Well since the photographer, Heidi Sarol, already spilled it on her flickr, might as well spill it here to gather much exposure and build up the excitement for the upcoming online store, Consider The Lilies. It's going to be launched soon and I am beyond excited for it! This online store would be carrying hand me down pieces which are still in good condition and are beyond gorgeous! The first collection would have clothes in my favorite palette! It would consist of beige, white, light pink and brown hues. I am inlove with that collection and I cannot wait for it to be launched so I could finally share it with you guys! :-)  You know when the aura an outfit exudes could be expressed through songs? Well, listen to the following songs below and you'll get to imagine what outfits I'm talking about! ;-)

1. Sky - Joshua Radin feat. Ingrid Michaelson 
2. Lazy Days - Leona Naess 
3. Lovebug - Jonas Brothers 
4. Hell No - Sondre Lerche feat. Regina Spektor 
5. Brighter Than Sunshine - Aqualung 

xx, Vern

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