Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Preview's Top Trends 2010

pictures scanned from Preview Magazine 

In the most recent issue of Preview, they had this section wherein they reviewed the top trends of 2010 and since the year's coming to an end soon, I want to channel each trend for one day for the next 10 days starting today just to well kind of wrap up the year! :-) Will update you for the next 10 days! :-)

December 22, 2010:  Animal Print
December 23, 2010: Lingerie Dressing 
December 24, 2010: Denim 
December 25, 2010: Colors 
December 26, 2010: Stripes
December 27, 2010: Utilitarian Luxe 
December 28, 2010: Sportswear 
December 29, 2010: Texture
December 30, 2010: Decade Wars 
December 31, 2010: Digital/Optical Print 

xx, Vern

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